Internet Banking Corporate

Internet Banking

Al Baraka Internet Banking is a digital platform that allows you to access many of the traditional banking services. You can either execute financial or non-financial transactions that are available through the bank branches, the service is available for use by any selected users with the customizable privilege (Limits of fund/accounts accessibility) assigned by your company to maintain the company’s daily operation.

Some of the services you can Enjoy by registering to Al Baraka Online Banking for corporates.

  • Enable Limits for each user
  • Who will initiate transactions
  • Who will authorize transactions
  • Enable Access for specified accounts for each user

  • Availability

    Internet banking is available 24×7. Most of the services available online are not time restricted.


    Through Internet Banking you can use almost all the banking services anywhere without visiting the bank, Internet Banking services is not only fast but also characterized by high efficiency and with all the conditions and specifications assigned by your company for each user

    Activity Tracking

    With internet banking, you can easily track all the transactions initiated on your accounts.


    Internet banking platform is very simple and easy to use.


    Feel safe and secure while dealing with our internet banking as we use a very high level of encryption to protect your data and your credentials are never stored.

  • Service Description
    Open account You can open different account types with different currencies to facilitate your business.
    Book TDs You can book TDs on your account
    Local transfers You can add external beneficiaries and transfer to other banks in EGP (Requires OTP)
    Transfer to other Al Baraka Egypt customers (instantly) You can transfer instantly to other Al Baraka Bank Egypt bank customers (Requires OTP)
    Transfer between your own accounts) instantly) You can transfer between your own accounts instantly which provide full account management for the users (Requires OTP)
    Chequebook request You can request to issue your chequebook online and select the issuing branch
    Request banker cheque You can request to issue your banker cheque online and select the issuance branch
    Account statement You can track your transactions up to date, such as cheque settlement -cheque collection, transfers etc…
    Cash management Online banking provides cash management for corporates, by assigning the minimum limits and maximum limits for accounts, transferring in-between automatically to ensure that there is adequate cash to meet current obligations and to gain opportunity to make profit for the excess fund.
    Multi levels of authentication you can provide your corporate account with multi levels of authorization

  • While accessing your account and enjoying the online service please follow the privacy and safety procedures:

    • Keep your account (details/username/password) confidential and do not share it by phone calls, messages, or through social media applications such as Facebook or WhatsApp etc.
    • Make sure to use your private devices which should be fully secured against cyber-attacks or viruses.
    • Use the secured hyperlink on our website or sent by email from our bank, and make sure to check that the lock code that refers to connection is secured, and certificate is valid.

  • How to register to online banking service?

    subscribe through one of our branches:

    • Go to the nearest branch to sign the online banking application.
    • Then you will receive an email with username and SMS with a password.
    • Use our hyperlink Login fill your username and password.
    • Change the password with new one not less than 8 characters and not more than 20 characters that includes at least 1 upper case, numeric, and special character.


    For More Information Please Watch this Video


    What if I forgot my password or username?

    You can call 19373 to resend your username or password after call center agent validating your identity.


    How to download Soft Token for OTP procedure?

    To enjoy the OTP service, download Al Baraka Egypt Soft Token application on your mobile

    • Go to (My Profile) and choose to (activate soft token) and follow the instructions.
    • After final submission, please log out and then in again to activate the service.
    • Now you can enjoy all services that require OTP.


    How to book Term Deposit through Internet Banking?

    Current customers who signed the online application in the nearest branch can book TDs through online banking please follow the below steps:

    • Go to your online account and choose Account opening request.
    • Select Open Account then select Fixed Maturity Account, and enjoy our variety of term deposits.
    • Fulfil data.
    • Select renew account (if you want to renew it or not) if you choose (no) choose the (on maturity transfer to account).
    • Select the profit account.
    • Choose transfer from account.
    • Enter the amount.
    • Now submit your request.


    How to add beneficiary for a transfer?

    Online banking users can add, delete, or amend beneficiaries, either Al Baraka customer or external customer.

    • Go to your account and choose Transfer and Payments.
    • Select Beneficiary Management, then based on your transfer select either internal favorite list -or external beneficiary.
    • Make sure to fill full name of the beneficiary and full account number (19 digits for internal favorite list for Al Baraka customers).
    • make sure to fill full name of the beneficiary and full account number as follows:
      • For internal favourite list of Al Baraka customers (19 digits for account number).
      • For external beneficiary (IBAN or account number).


    How to transfer online?

    All transfers between online banking user and other customers are done in EGP and it requires OTP

    • Go to your online account and choose Transfer and Payments.
    • Based on your needs choose one of the following transfers:
    • Transfer within my accounts (to transfer between same customer accounts).
    • Transfer to Al Baraka predefined beneficiary (for transfers to Al Baraka Bank customers who are previously identified, the transfer is made instantaneously).
    • Transfer to Al Baraka non-predefined beneficiary (transfer to non-defined Al Baraka customers done instantly).
    • External transfer (to transfer to a list of added beneficiaries of other local banks).