Financing clinics Equipment

Al Baraka Bank's financing clinic equipment provides all the owners of medical clinics with various options for financing or modernizing all devices, equipment, and medical supplies, to help them expand their business and activities, and develop the methods of treatment to benefit the public health of citizens.

Terms and Conditions Apply
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    • Minimum down payment: 20%
    • Financing amounts: Up to EGP 750,000.
    • Tenor: up to 60 months.
    • Debt burden ratio: 50% of net income.
    • Competitive rates.
    • Sharia-Compliant: Al Baraka Bank’s financing clinic equipment adheres to sharia principles (Murabaha).

    • Valid National ID (for Egyptians).
    • Valid passport, Valid Residency Permit (for foreigners).
    • Recent Utility Bill (phone, electricity, gas, etc.).
    • Price offer for the costs of equipment.


    Proof of Income for employed

    • Salary Transfer: An undertaking approved by our bank to transfer salary or installment + a recent income certificate.
    • Non-Salary Transfer: 6 months statement (personal) or recent HR letter certified by a bank signature or eagle stamp that has not been older than a month.


    Proof of Income for self-employed

    • 6 months statement personal or corporate.
    • Recent commercial register & Valid tax card.

  • Financing clinics equipment is eligible to:

    • Age from 21-60 years (employed).
    • 65 years (self-employed).

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