Updating Our Customer's Information

Updating Our Customer's Information

The main goals and strategies of Al Baraka Bank is to develop and offer banking products and services that achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Therefore, it requires constant and continuous updating of customer documents and data to make it easier to communicate with them and help them faster.

Al Baraka Bank takes into consideration the importance, safety, and accuracy of personal information for all its customers (both individuals and entities) and in order to do so, please, during your visit to any of our branches, go directly to the customer service representatives to update your data.

  • For the individual customers :

    • Copy of your valid National ID or Passport.
    • Copy of valid Passport for foreign customers.
    • In case the address stipulated in the ID document is different from those which are mentioned in the application of updating information, the client should submit a copy of the utilities receipt. Or invoices such as (gas, electricity, water... etc.)

    • Copy of the Commercial Register.
    • Copy of any changes or amendments made to the shareholders' names (equity owners).
    • Copy of the documents according to the legal type (company / institution and other organizations such as charities)

    Your commitment to the mentioned instructions will be totally appreciated.

    Our dear customer, you can contact our branches directly or through our hotline (19373) or via e-mail address of the Compliance Department: Compliance@alBaraka-bank.com.eg