Financing Used Cars

Once you've picked out the right used car for your needs, the only thing standing between you and that amazing feeling of getting behind the wheel as a proud new owner is finding a financing solution.

Now you can choose our Auto Finance Used plan at Al Baraka Bank to buy a car with the simplest procedures and in the shortest time.

Terms and Conditions Apply
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    • Flexible down payment: 25% to 50%.
    • Finance amounts: Up to EGP 750,000.
    • Tenor: Up to 84 months.
    • Eligible Used Cars: European, American, and Japanese cars with a maximum of 4 years from the year of manufacture, Korean cars with a maximum of 3 years from the year of manufacture.
    • Sharia-Compliant: Al Baraka Bank’s auto finance used adheres to sharia principles (Murabha).

    • Valid National ID (for Egyptians).
    • Valid passport, Valid Residency Permit (for foreigners).
    • Recent Utility Bill (phone, electricity, gas, etc.).
    • Car price quotation from accredited auto vendor.


    Proof of Income for employed

    • Salary Transfer: An undertaking approved by our bank to transfer salary or installment + a recent income certificate.
    • Non-Salary Transfer: 6 months statement (personal) or recent HR letter certified by a bank signature or eagle stamp that has not been older than a month.


    Proof of Income for self-employed

    • 6 months statement personal or corporate.
    • Recent commercial register & Valid tax card.

  • Auto finance used is eligible to:

    • Age from 21-60 years (employed).
    • 65 years (self-employed).

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