Treasury Department


Treasury is the bank’s gateway to the international/local financial markets. Treasury mission is to ensure that the bank has sufficient liquidity to support the bank’s line of business expansion while minimizing the cost to ensure optimal performance.

Treasury Team covers global and local markets advising on a wide spectrum of instruments and investments – ranging from simple foreign exchange transactions, money market instruments as well as yield enhancement products.

  • Treasury FX team provides FX buy and sell from/to customers as per their demand and needs. Treasury trades in more than 15 currencies across the globe. We can provide tailored made advises to our customers based on their needs on all FX-related transactions.

  • Treasury maintain a wide range of banking relationships with International and Local banks, to ensure investing the bank’s liquidity or funding the balance with optimal risk/return matrix. Treasury deals in the money market with tenors’ ranges from O/N till one year. Treasury advise its customers with markets directions, profit rate trends and rates forecast.

    Fixed Income Securities

    Egyptian Government Securities:

    Short-term security one year and less, 3,6,9, and 12 months issued by the ministry of Finance.

    Longer Term securities starts from 1 year till 10 Years issued by the ministry of Finance. Treasury Offers primary and secondary market trades to our customers at best competitive prices capitalizing on the deep knowledge of Egyptian market dynamics.  

    A daily “Treasury Newsletter” is prepared by the Treasury, the Brief contains information such as FX Rates, LIBOR, Deposits Rates, latest market bulletins and news, major commodity prices, top stock exchanges indices and other useful information.

  • Name Email
    Mohamed Adel – Head of Treasury Department
    Ahmed Ezzat – Head of Trading
    Mahmoud Abdel Moez- Head of FX