I-Start completely focuses on the children’s future to ensure a smooth and comfortable head start in life (saving for post-graduation education, marriage, own project, etc.). That’s why this product aims to ensure that the objective will be achieved whatever happens. This product presents Joint Life Insurance, (i.e. husband and wife) for the first time in Egypt.

Terms and Conditions Apply
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  • Investment & Protection Benefits:

    • Maturity Value.
    • Lump sum in case of death of the Life Insured.
    • Lump sum will be doubled in case death occurs due to an accident.
    • Lump sum in case Partial Disability of the Life Insured occurred due to an accident.
    • Waiver of premiums for 12 months in case of Critical illness occurs
    • Flexibility in choosing the policy term with a minimum of 10 years and a maximum until reaching age 65.

    • Takaful Insurance Products is approved and validated under the provisions of Islamic sharia practice, through the legality standards applicable to takaful insurance companies.

    • Customers can benefit from a wide range of Bancassurance products, which will allow you to save a suitable premium to have insurance coverage that suits your needs in addition to the benefit of investing a part of the premium to ensure a better future for you and your family.
    • All insurance products offered are introduced by GIG Life Takaful and are under their full responsibility.

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