Classic Card

Al Baraka bank launched its first Islamic Classic card that is compliant with Islamic Shari’a after getting approval from our bank’s shari’a board to provide customers with a comprehensive banking experience that suits everyday needs.

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  • 1.Al Baraka Classic Card is compliant with shari’a rules.

    2.PIN creation through Al Baraka Bank ATMs.

    3.Use the card to shop from any store and online shopping that is 3D secured inside and outside Egypt.

    4.Issuing supplementary cards.

    5.Grace period up to 55 days.

    6.Minimum payment 5% of the outstanding balance.


    Item Basic Card Supplementary Card
    Issuance Fees 150 EGP 100 EGP
    Annual Fees 150 EGP 100 EGP
    Monthly Statement Fees 20 EGP 20 EGP
    Cash withdrawal from Al Baraka or Non Baraka ATMs 4% with minimum 40 EGP 4% with minimum 40 EGP
    Markup fees ( for international purchase or cash transactions ) 10% 10%
    International cash withdrawal fees 4 % with minimum 60 EGP 4 % with minimum 60 EGP
    Account Management Fees 16.5 EGP for each 500 EGP in outstanding balance 16.5 EGP for each 500 EGP in outstanding balance
    Replacement PIN Fees Free Free
    Replacement Card Fees 75 EGP 75 EGP
    Mark Up Fees 10 % 10 %
    Declined dispute fees 75 EGP for POS transactions
    50 EGP for ATM withdrawals
    75 EGP for POS transactions
    50 EGP for ATM withdrawals
    SMS fees Free Free

  • 1.A completed singed application form.

    2.A signed investigation permit form for (I-score)

    3.A clear copy of national ID / passport.

    4.Utility bills for last two months (electricity/ water / gas)

    5.Salary certificate admitted by authorized signatory from the company/organization.

    6.Commercial register / Tax card and bank statement in case of business owners.

  • International limits

    Transaction type Daily Limit Monthly limit
    Cash International Limit 0 EGP 0 EGP
    POS & E-commerce international limit 37,500 EGP 37,500 EGP


    Local limits:

    Transaction type Limit
    Cash Limit 20,000 EGP
    POS Limit 200,000 EGP
    E-commerce Limit 50,000 EGP

  • 1.Deposits through any of our branches.

    2.Through Internet Banking.

    3.Through Al Baraka Bank ATMs.

    4.Deposit over POS machines.

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