Al Baraka Bank, in cooperation with GIG Life Takaful, provides savings and protection through the Al Baraka Bank branches located in 25 branches across Egypt.

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  • Al Baraka Bank aims to provide all the financial services that customers may need in one place, making it easier for them to manage their financial portfolio, by providing Bancassurance products, which will contribute to providing the best banking and insurance solutions to customers across Egypt.

    All insurance products offered are introduced by GIG Life Takaful and are under their full responsibility.

  • Takaful Insurance Products is approved and validated in accordance with the provisions of Islamic sharia practice, through the legality standards applicable to takaful insurance companies

  • Customers can benefit from a wide range of Bancassurance products, which will allow them to save a suitable premium to have insurance coverage that suits their needs in addition to the benefit of investing a part of the premium to ensure a better future for you and your family Bancassurance products at Al Baraka Bank in cooperation with GIG Life Takaful are products complying with Islamic sharia, whereas the company has its own Sharia board to conduct in line with Islamic principles.

    there are two kinds of products:

    First: Investment & Protection Products

    These products have been designed mainly to cover and protect the family and help with the usual current expenses (i.e. education in schools, wedding expenses, etc.) in the case of the customer suffering an unexpected event (i.e. death, disability, critical illness, etc.).

    • The customer chooses the regular premium frequency payment (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual) based on the customer’s ability to save.
    • Part of the insurance premiums are payable to cover insurance benefits and the other part is directed towards investment. For this reason, usually, these products are called saving and Protection products.

    Second: Protection Products

    • These products are designed mainly to protect the customers with a certain amount of insurance specified by the customer according to his/her needs, no premiums directed to investment at all (there is no investment return for customers at the end of the policy term).
    • The customer chooses the premium frequency payment (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual).
    • All the insurance premiums are paid to cover insurance benefits. These products are usually beneficial for the bank's customers who apply for credit facilities and customers who are interested in insuring their families and beloved ones. For this reason, usually, these products are called Protection products.

    For more information, Call Al Baraka Bank’s hotline: 19373