Corporate Service Desk

Corporate Service Desk

Speed and accuracy are critical nowadays, and we know you always need the right answers and quick solutions, that’s why our Corporate Service Desk provides integrated after-sales customer service dedicated to giving you easy access and accurate responses in the shortest time possible.

Our team in the corporate service desk has dedicated Service officers assigned to you, acting as a single point of contact for day-to-day inquiries.


  • The Client Service Officer is a designated and qualified individual: Servicing all your day-to-day transaction banking services.
  • The use of technology: Enables us to focus on our main task which is streamlining operational processes to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Our Service Desk is a true business partner: That not only understands your daily challenges through years of experience, but also proactively drives efficiency.
  • Our focus is on operational efficiency: By adopting standardized processes and turnaround times in dealing with all related parties.

For more information, Call Al Baraka Bank’s hotline: 19373