• Dormant Account: It’s that account that no transactions have been conducted on it like (Withdrawal / Deposit / Transfer / Account Statement) for one year to the Current Accounts and Mobile Phone Wallets. And two years for saving accounts. Those Transactions conducted by the bank on clients’ accounts are not considered among the transactions that reactivates the account.
    • Clients of Dormant Accounts: Are those where all their accounts are dormant at the Bank.
    • Active Account: The account that has one transaction conducted on it for at least once per year like (Withdrawal / Deposit / Transfer / Account Statement) for Current Accounts and Mobile Phone Wallets. And two years for Saving Accounts, from bank branches or any telecommunication media, or digital media available and through payment providers regarding mobile phone accounts.

    • If you have Current Accounts or Saving Accounts or any same conditions and there was no transaction from the following transactions (Withdrawal/Deposit/Transfer/Account Statement) conducted on it from the bank’s branches or ATMs or Internet Banking for one year regarding current accounts, and two years for saving accounts.
    • The account will be classified as dormant and transactions will be disabled automatically, with the continuation of processing checks and adding returns and executing any permanent instruction on the dormant account, without the reactivation of the account.
    • In case there are dormant accounts and other active accounts, you can reactivate the dormant accounts through Bank branches or ATMs or services of Internet Banking.
    • If all your accounts (Current or Saving) are dormant, you will be classified as a dormant account client and disabled from conducting (Withdrawal, Deposit, Transfer, Account Statements) through Branches, ATMs, or Internet Banking Services.
    • And in this case, you have to do the following as a minimum to reactivate the accounts:
      • Confirmation of the correctness of the account balance.
      • Write a request to reactivate accounts.
    • You will be notified via SMS on monthly basis and for the period of 3 months before considering the account as dormant, with the expenses and steps needed to reactivate the account.

  • An amount of 20 Egyptian Pounds or its equivalent in foreign currencies will be deducted for every Current, or Saving dormant account on monthly basis, starting from the month that the accounts were classified as dormant in it.

    • No fees or expenses will be deducted on dormant accounts if the balance of the account decreased to zero.
    • No fees or expenses will be deducted on the reactivation of the accounts.

    The bank provides home visits to customers with disabilities and the elderly (over 65 years old) to activate dormant accounts, complete the data, and sign the required papers upon request, in accordance with the terms and conditions established in this regard.