INSTAPAY Application


It is an APP that allows direct access to all accounts and instant fund transfers using your mobile device 24/7

    • Instant fund transfer to (bank accounts / digital wallets / banking cards)
    • No need for the beneficiary’s banking account details in case the beneficiary is registered on the APP, only need (Mobile number or IPA” Instant payment address” or Bank card number)
    • Settlement credit cards that issued from banks that are subscribed to the network
    • Send request for collect money
    • Display all your bank accounts from the APP
    • Donations payment instantly
    • Bank statement for all your registered bank accounts
    • Mobile & internet bill payment & Recharge
    • Utility bill payment (Electricity, Water & Gas)

    • Download the APP from the application store
    • Active and valid ( debit card/prepaid card )

    • Any Banked user that has a valid ( debit/prepaid ) cards and smart phones

    Terms and Conditions Apply