Introducing Al Baraka Diamond Plus Certificate in Egyptian pounds for 3 years. With a variable profit rate of not less than 19% throughout the CD tenor, paid out monthly.

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    • Sharia Compliant: Al Baraka Diamond Plus Certificate adheres to Sharia principles.
    • Competitive Variable Profit: not less than 19% disbursed monthly.
    • Invest: Al Baraka Diamond Plus Certificate is ideal for long-term investments.
    • Al Baraka Debit Cards: can be used to withdraw CD profit through ATMs 24/7.
    • Secured financing & credit card: Apply for secured finance and secured credit cards, up to 90% of the CD amount.
    • Enjoy all Internet banking services

    • Minimum required purchase amount: EGP 1000 or its multiples.
    • CD is available for individuals only.
    • Diamond Plus Certificate Duration: 3 years (renewable)
    • CD Currency: Egyptian Pounds (EGP) only.

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