With the monthly saving account from Al Baraka bank, enjoy a competitive profit rates that increase according to your account balance.

Terms and Conditions Apply
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    • Increasing profit rates according to the account balance.
    • Access your account 24/7 using Al Baraka debit card.
    • Follow up on your account along with performing various banking transactions using the internet banking service.
    • Quarterly statement of account are provided.

      • Minimum account opening balance: EGP 1000.
      • Account minimum balance: EGP 1000.
      • Minimum amount to calculate profit: EGP 5000.
      • Currency: EGP.
      • Eligibility: Individuals.
      • Profit calculation & profit payment frequency profit is calculated on the minimum balance during the month & credited to the account at the end of each month.
      • Account tiers & variable profit rate starting 1 st of April 2024
    Account balance Variable profit rate (Annual)
    From EGP 5k to less than EGP 50k 20%
    From EGP 50k to less than EGP 1Mn 21%
    From EGP 1Mn to less than EGP 5Mn 22%
    From EGP 5Mn to less than EGP 10Mn 23%
    From EGP 10Mn to less than EGP 15Mn 24%
    From EGP 15Mn to less than EGP 20Mn 25%
    From 20Mn & above 26%

    • Valid national ID for Egyptians / valid passport for non-Egyptians.

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