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Time Deposits

Our TDs satisfying your needs if you are looking for short or medium term investment Compliant with Islamic Shari'a as we are offering our customers a weighed range of TDs with the below benefits.

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Internet Banking

Internet Banking gives online access to every banking service including fund transfers, deposits, and online bill payments to the customers

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alBaraka Daily Account

Profit payment frequency : calculate the profit daily and pay it end of Month

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alBaraka Diamond USD

Now you can benefit from the highest profit rate paid monthly on your USD savings with alBaraka Diamond CD for 3 years


Small Medium Enterprises Financing

alBaraka Bank Egypt provides a new vision and advanced procedures for financing small and medium-sized enterprises that are able to generate revenues, but lack financing that stands as an obstacle to their growth and development.

Financing of commercial activities

Financing of commercial activities

alBaraka Bank Egypt provides a range of solutions to facilitate all the trade operations, reduce payment risks, and control working capital, using its extensive regional and international contacts.

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